Fort Collins B-17
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  • Excess Equipment

    This page is dedicated to equipment which will not be installed in the aircraft, and is therefor deemed "excess."

    All transmitter units are either beyond reasonable repair, or are from the ARC-5 system which is incompatable with the SCR-274-N system being used on the aircraft. Despite incompatability, many of the parts are interchangeable.

    We have a few spare jackboxes, a spare BC-348, and a spare BC-456. The jackboxes will be placed in the aircraft eventually, but currently have no home. The BC-456 modulator was trashed by a company named "Kerl" or "Rerl" (their logo plate is unclear...) and is no longer airworthy. However, it is currently being restored and will be offered for sale as a functional unit when time permits.

    ARC-5 Transmitter Units, BC-456, and Various Parts

    Both BC-348 Units, Two ARC-5 Transmitters