Fort Collins B-17
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    Want to join us? It's easy!


    We have no requirements to join! You do not need to know anything about aircraft- We intend to teach you what you don't know. If you already know a lot, we welcome you as well! As we stated in our About Us page, we are involving many young people and people who have a lesser knowledge of aircraft in the construction of the aircraft, and intend to have them learn from older generations who have much more experience. Even if you are in another state or country, there are many things you can do to help us.

    We do, however, ask that you are respectful and dedicated to the project.


    Simply send us an email, and we will respond as soon as we possibly can! You will be added to the email list, which we use to send out project updates and to coordinate meetings.

    You can find our email on our contacts page. You can either copy/paste the address, or click it to open your mail application.

    Time Dedication

    Helping us requires very little time. A few examples of ways to help that take up very little time include: Looking for parts on the internet, finding new contacts, searching for sources, and so on! Roles with more dedication include construction, material sourcing, and assembly.

    Thank You!