Fort Collins B-17
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  • Directional Gyro Indicator
    Front View, Cessna clearly visible

    This instrument provides the heading for the pilot. Although this one is dated from September 1961, it is the exact same dimensions as the original B-17 instrument.

    Top View, date and factory marks shown

    It was manufactured by Garwin inc, under license of the Sperry Gyroscope Company. Sperry was the same company who produced the originals, and did not alter their plans much into the 60s and even 70s. The original gyro and this one are so similar, that it is even the same model. The only giveaway of this part, is the marking "Cessna" on the front.

    Rear View, showing model and license

    This instrument was cheaper than an original, and was bought before the group was properly formed. It will be used in the mock cockpit, however the final cockpit will employ an original period gyro.