Fort Collins B-17
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  • Fort Collins B-17's Part Museum
    A few accumalated parts in the shop for restoration.

    As parts and information come to us, we will attempt to document it here. Not everything is for the B-17, so take a look around- What you find might surprise you!

    To see full size images, right-click an image and select "Open Image In New Tab"

    Artifact Name or P/N, Click on name for Additional Info Short Description Image
    Interphone Jackbox The Interphone Jackbox switches between communication channels. It was used on almost any WWII Aircraft that had more than 1 person inside. fcb17
    PL-68 Microphone Plug A specialized plug, used for WWII military microphones, with three contacts and a small diameter. fcb17
    A3-A Autopilot Unit Autopilot, used on the C-47, Gliders, and many others. fcb17
    De-Icer Boots De-Icer boots from B-17, and B-23, used to break ice off at high altitudes. fcb17
    BT-13 Recognition Lights Panel Recognition Lights panel from a BT-13, used to control a set of lights on the exterior of the aircraft. fcb17
    DC-3 Brake Tester DC-3 Brake Tester, perhaps custom-built. fcb17
    I-70 Radio Compass Tuning Indicator Used heavily during WWII in the radio compass sets of bombers and fighters alike. fcb17
    AN5547 Tachometer Generator Tachometer Generator used to encode the engine speed in revolutions/minute. fcb17
    Transmitter Gyro Flux Gate Compass A magnetic gyroscopic compass used in the B-17. fcb17
    C-4/ARN-7 Control Unit A control unit for the Radio Compass set ARN-7 used on the B-17. fcb17
    BC-442-A Antenna Control unit, used in the SCR-274-N command radio set. fcb17
    42B-3593 Panel mounting dim-able type indicator lamp socket. fcb17