Fort Collins B-17
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  • C-4/ARN-7

    The C-4/ARN-7 is a control unit used to control the ARN-7 Radio Compass set. Each aircraft would have two, one for the pilot and one for the navigator. Control between the two units was achieved by using a relay junction box, type BK-22, and "CONTROL" buttons on each unit to toggle controls.

    This unit was packed October 20th, 1944, but was never used. It is currently being used in our ARN-7 Radio Compass Set.

    Packing Box, stamped with 1944 date.

    Front removed from Mount FT-224-A. They plug into each other for easy removal.

    Label Plate

    C-4/ARN-7 in operation. Note the lit dials, and tuning indicator centered.