Fort Collins B-17
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Fort Collins B-17 Project

This is the site for the Fort Collins B-17 project, located in Fort Collins, CO.

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    Panorama of Ft. Collins. Source


    Interested in who we are? Read our About Us page!

    Our goal is to build a B-17 G variant Flying Fortress, using spare parts and new construction to honor our brave Veterans and spread a love of aviation history across the country. We are based out of Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

    The Fortress will be built using the B-17G-80-BO specs from original Boeing drawings. We will be using serial number 43-38083 ("Happy Valley Express") as our template for construction and painting. This bomber was a member of the 91st Bomber Group, and served until she was taken out of the air by enemy fire.

    We need all the help we can get. If you or someone you know might be interested, don't hesitate to send us an email.

    Even if you cant physically help us, you can help by donating information or money!

    Are you a member of the EAA or currently own a copy of Solidworks? If you do, you can help us build the to-scale computerized 3-D model of the B-17. By building the B-17 in a 3-D modelling software first, we save thousands of dollars worth of potentially wasted materials.

    We would like your war stories or pictures of artifacts! Fort Collins B-17 wants to preserve our history for future generations, help us out!

    El Conquistador I, 1943. B-17F. Look at our Altimeter for more info
    A picture showing our current Instrument Inventory